With the statistics collected by Google it is clear that smartphones are used EVERYWHERE – at home, on-the-go, in a store, at a restaurant, at work, social gatherings, airports, libraries, schools etc.  Out of all these people, 93% of them use their smartphone at home (not their PC) and 89% use them on-the-go.  This is the first time in history that a device is now becoming an extension of the individual, and the smartphone is that device.

Another example of that fact is that according to Google’s stats, smartphones are being used whilst consumers are even using other media, for example they are being used whilst watching TV, listening to music, playing video games, reading books etc.

Here are some more interesting statistics about mobile websites…

  • Text open-up rates are 95% – The average open-up rates of emails are about 5%-15% in comparison.
  • Mobile users are more likely to take an action and interact or purchase than the users that search via the regular web internet.
  • Smartphones are embedded into daily life and 89% of them use their smartphone throughout the day.
  • Mobile advertising is dirt cheap.
  • Mobile sites have higher success rates than regular PC websites – Research has shown that web retailers could increase consumer engagement by 85% with a mobile specific website.

For a full report on Google’s statistics on the “Mobile Movement”, visit Think With Google for an in-depth and comprehensive look at the rise of the smartphone craze. Find out all the facts on how are adults in the U.S. are using these devices for search, purchasing, and media consumption.

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