Here at Mobile Storm we know that more and more consumers are now accessing the web from their hand-held devices.  As a result many businesses are now looking for fast, simple, cost effective ways to engage with their customers, partners and employees through mobile phones and tablets.  Consumers and employees expect their mobile interactions to be just as good as their desktop experiences.

Mobile Storm provides information and services for businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to create highly optimized mobile websites and enable them to benefit from adopting this exciting new technology before their competitors.

Up until now designing and optimising websites for the various mobile platforms has been a challenge.  The fact is that users accessing the web via their phones are having to deal with smaller screens and slower connection times, meaning that a website that looks impressive on a regular PC may lose quality and functionality when accessed with a mobile device.

Mobile Storm realises that there’s a lot to take into consideration when it comes to this kind of specialist website design development.

Sites need to be optimised for all of the latest browsing devices, such as iPhones, Android platforms, iPods and iPads (amongst others), which can be a time-consuming process. Pages are often simplified, unnecessary images are removed, and slow-loading content such as video is reduced.

As internet access shifts from the desktop to the handset, a mobile website can be an effective way to share information and reach new customers.

Mobile Storm is proud to offer affordable solutions when it comes to mobile website development and urges any company lacking a sound mobile presence to get in touch with us before they lose out on exposure and increased revenue generated from on-the-go web browsing.